Canopy Conversion Seminars


FDDI is now offering Canopy radio conversion seminars. The purpose of these seminars is to properly train techinical staff on how to convert their Canopy radios from the internal patch antenna to a connectorized unit. The seminar is a one day class that covers the following topics:

The seminar will provide a handout that outlines each section of the course with the ability to take notes. Each participant is encouraged to bring a Canopy radio with them to the seminar to complete a conversion at one of FDDI's rework stations after the formal training period. All equipment and components will be listed in the handout. Each class will be limited to 15 participants in order to give ample time for each person to convert a radio with the aid of the seminar instructiors. The seminar will be held in Tulsa, Oklahoma at FDDI's classromm site. The cost for the seminar is $695 per participant. To get a listing of seminar dates and availablity, please email us at seminar dates