"Vehicle Imaging and Performance Recording"

"What is VIPR"

VIPR brings uncompromised vehicle information management and location based information to the average vehicle owner. The system is ideal for:

        Independent Long Haul Truckers
        Service Vehicle Fleets
        Public Safety Vehicles
        Delivery Vehicles
        Any Commercial Vehicle
        Any Personal Vehicle

The video system will retain video in separate files and will work within the PCs available storage to maximize recordings without using all the storage. The videos are compatible with all Microsoft video formats and can be exported to many other formats. Video frames are time stamped and GPS location marked for absolute location identification. With a 3G cellular modem, real-time data and images are sent to VisTracks for complete geospatial, location based services.

VIPR works with “off the shelf” components that are compatible with USB standards 1.1 and 2.0. Some of the GPS OEMs supported are: Garmin, SiRF, Motorola, Magellan, Sony and more. VIPR supports the OBDII standards for vehicle diagnostic information and will scan and send commands to the in-car device. Some of the devices supported are: AutoTap, ProScan, ODBCOM, ELMSCAN, and others.

Pricing is less than 1/2 of any in-vehicle video system - not including the performance recording features and real-time video streaming capabilities!
Quantity discounts available for Public Safety organizations and fleet purchases
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