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Mini-GPS2 - $529

The Mini-GPS1 was designed by FDDI with ATE Research to provide GPS synchronization for the Motorola Canopy© system to be used as an alternate for the Cluster Management Module© (CMM). The newest version is the Mini-GPS2.

By using the Mini-GPS2 to synchronize the Canopy radios, the entire CMM can be replaced by using standard Canopy POE power supplies and a network device of the user’s discretion. By choosing a switch, managed switch, or router, the user could add additional controls, like VLANs, to greatly enhance bandwidth maintenance and network control. The Mini-GPS is a cost effective alternative for timing a Motorola Canopy© system.

Mini-GPS2 Features:

  • Supports up to sixteen Canopy Radios
  • 110/220 VAC or 12-32 VDC input
  • On board 12 VDC connector for accessories (fan, etc)
  • Smaller form factor

The Mini-GPS2 retains its unique characteristic compatibility with Motorola’s GPS system. The Mini-GPS2 uses the same Motorola GPS receiver as the Canopy CMM and microCMM to provide the radios with identical satellite information. With the improved timing port density, it is possible to increase access point or backhaul clusters without cost upgrades.

View the Mini-GPS2 FAQ in the Tech Talk Section

Please note that a switch does NOT come with the Mini-GPS or Mini-GPS2 nor does it provide POE power to Canopy radios.


Unique Way to Power the Unit:
The Mini-GPS2 can run on 24 VDC power input. The Motorola Canopy ACPS110 POE injector provides 24 VDC. Therefore the ACPS110 works well as a power supply for the Mini-GPS2. Simply run Category 5 wire from the Mini-GPS2 to the POE injector and attach a RJ45 on the side with the injector and attach as normal. The positive voltage is sent over Pin 8 (Brown) and the negative voltage is sent over Pin 4 (Blue). At the Mini-GPS2, strip these two wires and place them in the connector for DC power. This is a simply way to power the unit without running AC power.