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Radio Frequency Site Survey and Analysis Composition

RF Engineering

FDDI's engineering for the implementation of wireless communication systems covers the following areas:

Radio Selection and Placement

Product selection ranking for defined tasks and results

  • Antenna selection (for devices requiring external antenna)
  • Mount and antenna placement criteria
  • Mount recommendations
  • Cabling requirements
  • Lightening protection recommendations
  • Standardized enclosure recommendations (NEMA, NEBS, etc.)
  • Tower recommendations
  • Power requirements and recommendations

Systems Integration and Operational Considerations

  • Connectivity recommendations - hubs/switches/routers
  • Application traffic review - video (H.263, MPEG4, etc), Voice over IP (H.323, SIP), and others
  • Management review - SNMP, RMON

Comparative Analysis of Similar Systems

  • Problem identification and recommendation
  • Local anomalies and preventative measures


Frequency and Path Analysis

Spectrum analysis of the target band or bands
  • Signal strength as measured with path alignment instruments
  • Fresnel zone height requirements
  • Obstacle variance
  • Signal reliability

Each report contains the analysis results, site pictures, and text outlining the above included survey points. Review the general outline for each site survey.

Engineering Costs

  • Site Survey per day rate (call for current rate)
  • All incidental costs - travel, lodging, and food.
  • It may be necessary to rent lift trucks to get to the target height of the placement of a radio to complete the survey. FDDI will request that the client either make prior arrangements with a rental company for the equipment, or let FDDI know in advance in order for FDDI to make the arrangements. These costs will be billed to the client with actual copies attached to the invoice

FDDI requires a purchase order to commence work and invoices for services are due within 15 days of the invoice date. If other arrangements are needed, please make them with FDDI prior to the commencement of the site survey.References can be furnished at the written request of the client. FDDI will attempt to select references with similar configurations to the prospective client, when possible.

Contact FDDI for additional information