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Surge Protection System: SPS-01 Series

CaseThe SPS-01 series has been designed specifically to work with the Motorola Canopy© product line. Each model has been found to be operational withstanding 15,000 (15 kV) volts of electrostatic discharge (ESD). The small form factor of each model insures that additional mounting hardware is not required at the installation site. In addition, unlike most surge protection devices, the SPS-01protects on all eight CAT5 pins. Once a suitable source of Earth Ground is found the SPS-01 series will help to protect the Motorola Canopy equipment connected to it.

Two of the models are designed for outdoor installation and fit inside the Canopy case just below and around the Canopy light bars. The additional model has been designed for installation near the computer. The additional forty-five seconds to add a SPS-01 to a Canopy installation adds a complete grounding circuit to the system. It is estimated that over 90% of wireless Internet home installations are not grounded or improperly grounded. The SPS-01 series is a simple answer to this compounding problem.


  • Mounts inside the Canopy case
  • Provides protection on power and data pins
  • Provides surge protection against positive and negative voltage
  • Easily ground Canopy radios to the tower
  • Compatible with Motorola 300SS and other surge suppressors
  • Silicone resin coated for protection against moisture

Download SPS-01 series brochure (PDF)
Download SPS-01 model description brochure (PDF)

SPS-01 Models and Descriptions
SPS-01-AP Canopy AP/BH surge suppressor and translates GPS pulse from power port to timing port
SPS-01-SM Canopy AP/BH/SM surge suppressor
SPS-01-MP Indoor multipurpose surge suppressor
SPS-01-AC AP and MP combo pack
SPS-01-SC SM and MP combo pack
Electrical Characteristics:
Data Clamp Voltage 5 VDC
Power Clamp Voltage 36 VDC
Peak Pulse Current 1,500 J
Response Time < 5 ns
Max Shunt Capacitance < 0.30 pF
Protection Mode Line to Line,
Line to Ground
Negative Votlage Protection 1,000 V
DC Lin Voltage (pin 4,5,7,8) 24 VDC
Data Line Voltage (pins 1,2,3,6) 5 VDC
Input Connector RJ45


Contact FDDI or your Canopy reseller about availablity and pricing. The SPS-01 is available in bulk pack quanities and pricing

Dimensions SPS-01-AP