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Surge Protection System: SPS-01 Series

SPS-01-AP InstallationSPS-01-AP
The SPS-01-AP is specifically designed to work with access points and backhaul timing master radios. It has all the surge protection benefits of a SPS-01 product and has the added feature of translating the timing signal from a GPS over POE device to one that the Canopy radio can recognize over the timing port. In addition, the SPS-01-AP removes the original GPS pulse so that a clean power signal is sent to the Canopy radio. This can be particularly useful if an AP/BH suddenly fails to recognize the GPS over POE signal.

Once the GPS pulse is moved from the power port to the timing port, the original pulse is removed completely. This insures a clean 24VDC signal is sent to the Canopy radio. It also maintains that the radio cannot receive two GPS signals simultaneously. Once the Canopy radio is programmed to Receive Sync From Timing Port, the radio will receive GPS sync from a GPS over POE device on the timing port through the SPS-01-AP.

Download SPS-01-AP Quick Start Manual

SPS-01 InstalaltionSPS-01-SM
Grounding a Canopy SM at a customer’s installation can be of great importance. The SPS-01 can make sure it is done simply and correctly. The form factor of the design allows the SPS-01-SM to easily slide into the case of the Canopy SM. Remove the bottom case cover, connect the RJ45 jumper and the CAT5 cable, attach the grounding cable, slide in the surge protector into the Canopy SM case and replace the cover. This provides a simple and cost effective way to ground the Canopy radio topside.

The SPS-01-MP is an indoor unit designed to be near the switch or the power supply. This model also has a grounding lug. Lights on the unit indicate power and data traffic. Used with any of the other SPS-01 models this offers a complete protection circuit; protecting components both at the top and bottom of the installation.