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RoamAD 4.9GHz Public Safety Evaluation System

FDDI has demonstration systems available for qualified public safety agencies to test out in their environment. The demonstration kit includes the following components:

Three RoamAD INNs (Intelligent Network Nodes)

  • 4.9 GHz access point radio
  • 5.8 GHz backhaul radio
  • 4.9 GHz omni antennas
  • 5.8 Ghz directional antennas
  • Power injectors and surge protection

Three 4.9 GHz PCMCIA client access cards

  • Windows Drivers
  • Magnetic mount 4.9 GHz omni antenna

The kit comes pre-configured for immediate operation. The units are controlled through FDDI's INS (Intelligent Network Server), to which the agency will have access during the demonstration period. The demonstration period is for one month which is broken down into the following time slots:

  • First week - delivery and installation
  • Second and Third week - operational testing
  • Fourth week - removal and return

The following is a depiction of the demonstration unit configuration:

The setting up of the system has been carefully laid out as to allow the agency to install the system internally. The remote units (spoke) only require power. The main unit (hub) requires power and an Ethernet cable. FDDI will review the preliminary demonstration plan that is submitted by the agency to insure that the configuration will operate properly. Along with the physical units, FDDI provides a comprehensive demo plan for the agency to use as a guideline.

To qualify for the demonstration unit, the following criteria must be met:

  • The request must come from a bonafide public safety agency (Police, Fire, ESM)
  • The requesting agency must be responsible for the condition of the equipment
  • The requesting agency must report their testing results to FDDI

A qualification document must be completed and emailed to 49demo@fddisystems.com.It will take approximately two days to process the request. Currently there are only two demonstration unit kits, so please be patient.

FDDI 4.9GHz Evaluation Qualification Document