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Canon Canobeam

Canon's new CanoBeam DT-100 Series optical transceivers build on the outstanding functionality of previous models, employing design innovations that contribute to both reduced size and greater cost performance. Featuring a compact optical module which integrates key optical components in one tidy unit, and operates protocol independent, like fiber optic cable, the models utilize advanced engineering to realize size and weight reductions of up to 50% from previous models. The units are available in several fiber or twisted pair configurations, including Multi-mode (MM), Single-mode (SM) or twisted pair (TP).

Fifteen years of Canon's free space optics (FSO) engineering expertise is now available in their new DT-100 Series Canobeam, the highly versatile optical beam transmission system. The fourth generation of Canon's point-to-point optical beam transceivers features:

  • No FCC Licensing or Radio Frequency
  • High speed transmission up to 1.25Gbps
  • Highly Secure Data Link
  • Built-In Auto Tracking
  • Operates between -20 C to +50 C, wind gusts of up to 134 mph
  • Protocol independent, like fiber optic cable
  • Weather-hardened outer shell IEC-rated