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Motorola Canopy Broadband System

The Canopy wireless broadband system offers products in the 900 MHz, 2.4, 5.2 and 5.7 GHz frequency bands. Start-up costs are more affordable than virtually any other connectivity option, yet Canopy technology delivers speed and performance second to none. In addition, the Canopy platform reduces monthly recurring cable or T1 costs because there is no need to go through phone or cable networks.

With the Canopy solution, there is no need to run overhead or in-ground wire, install microwave or software. The equipment is streamlined, with built-in installation and deployment assistance, making it faster and easier to get up and running. The Canopy platform also includes interfaces that enable it to easily integrate with standard network management tools and systems.

Read About the Canopy Advantage Platform

The platform delivers superior performance using a modulation scheme that improves the quality of data delivery and mitigates interference from other systems. It enhances security with over-the-air DES (Data Encryption Standard) encryption and is also available with AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) capabilities.

  • Many operators use Canopy technology to extend DSL and cable service to serve more customers without having to incur the high installation costs of traditional copper wire or cable.
  • As customer demand increases, a great many operators use Canopy technology to add high-performance capacity quickly and inexpensively.
  • Startup operators often use the platform as an interim system, allowing them to begin providing service to customers while their wired networks are being constructed.
  • In many countries, operators use the Canopy system’s powerful wireless technology to reach customers over difficult terrain and long distances, where extending existing wired or cable networks is cost prohibitive.
  • A number of operators use the Canopy system to test market feasibility and measure profit potential before investing in extending a wireline or cable network.

The Canopy solution’s unique and powerful modulation scheme significantly improves the quality of data delivery and effectively mitigates interference from other systems of virtually every shape and spectrum.

The Canopy system offers upload and download speeds as fast or faster than virtually every other service available today. The point-to-multi-point system offers up to 6 Mbps (aggregate data rates) and the point-to-point system delivers 14 Mbps (aggregate data rates) to network end users.