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Tropos Networks

MetroMesh Network Componets

The patented Tropos® MetroMeshT architecture delivers the maximum scalability, high capacity at low cost and great user experience demanded by carriers, municipalities and network users. The MetroMesh architecture combines the industry's most sophisticated metro-scale mesh routing intelligence with carrier-grade tools for centralized visibility, analysis and control and purpose-built hardware platforms with peerless Wi-Fi radio performance. MetroMesh enables carriers, municipalities and public safety agencies to deliver city-wide fixed and mobile multi-megabit connectivity for IP-based voice, video and data applications.

MetroMesh routers can be deployed in the industry's lowest node density for any given level of performance and coverage. Bottom line, fewer MetroMesh routers are needed to achieve carrier-class performance; which means a much more attractive business model. Each MetroMesh router provides highly reliable connectivity to standard 802.11b/g clients and quickly extends the coverage area of the metro-scale Wi-Fi network.

Tropos MetroMesh routers combine the industry's most sophisticated mesh networking intelligence with purpose-built hardware platforms. Each MetroMesh router is based on open-standards Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g) technology, and includes all of the robust features of the MetroMesh OS.

The MetroMesh OS, including Predictive Wireless Routing Protocol (PWRPT) and the Advanced Mesh Connectivity Engine (AMCET), is a scalable mesh routing algorithm. The Tropos 5320 outdoor MetroMesh router is a dual-radio mesh router that uses 802.11a and 802.11b/g links to form the mesh and uses 802.11b/g to provide client coverage and connectivity. Utilizing the embedded PWRP, the Tropos 5320 creates a self-organizing and self-healing wireless mesh that intelligently selects the optimum end-to-end data path through the mesh. Networks can be scaled to many thousand nodes without any client throughput or network capacity degradation. MetroMesh OS dynamically uses 5 GHz links to improve performance while not unnecessarily increasing the router density or sacrifi cing reliability.